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Juliet Bruce, PhD

Story at Work
Workplace Stress Reduction and Improved Workplace Culture
Small businesses have big stories -- and many story lines.

Inspiring leaders know that stories have an important role to play in building sane and productive workplaces.
  • In times of change, storytelling brings the organizational mission to life and helps employees connect their jobs to the overall vision.
  • Story encourages employees to express their concerns as well as their successes.
  • It breaks through the silo effect and supports knowledge sharing.
  • Story teaches emotional intelligence, never more important than in this time of transition in so many working environments.
  • It reduces workplace stress and conflict, and supports cohesive teams.
  • Good stories well told inspire people to give their best.


What kind of story does your 
organization need?

As a workplace stress consultant for hospitals and government agencies, and writing consultant for the U.N., where I write evaluation reports of stories arriving from the field in hiring panel interviews, I can assess your organizational need and present story workshops and trainings to address it.


Give the gift of story to your employees.

Consider giving your staff a story luncheon or half-day training.

Studies show that shared stories, especially when accompanied by improvisational writing, are among the most restorative, stress-reducing experiences people can have.

What more meaningful and memorable way is there to acknowledge your staff's hard work throughout the year? In high-stress settings where I have presented story workshops, positive changes have been implemented as a result.

Write me at to schedule a free consultatio
n for your office.

Private and group sessions to strengthen clarity and communications skills for people trying to navigate the shifting workplace, seeking career advancement or full-time employment, clients, or funding.

No matter how good you are at your work, you won't get the client, contract, job -- or even an interview -- if you're unable to articulate your experience and value in a compelling, authentic, and engaging way, with concrete examples to support your points. Yet this is one of the most difficult things for job seekers, helping professionals, and consultants.

Many people are confused about how to describe their experience in networking events, phone calls, and personal interviews; how to create cover letters, resumes, and social media profiles, especially when looking for work in several areas; and how to change the story they tell about their experience when changing careers or expanding in new directions. 

Building on my long experience as a journalist specializing in feature stories for international and domestic media and now writing evaluation reports of hiring interviews for a large international organization, I have developed a two-stage story development and presentation process. This process will enable you to translate your work experience into a clear and structured story prototype for presentations, interviews, cover letters, social media, and networking.

I offer group trainings and private sessions. To book a workshop for your company, organization, or community group, please write

From a Private Client
“I had the honor of utilizing Juliet's skills as a story coach to help me get clear on some directions to move towards. I've known Juliet for some time now, was enthralled every time she described what she did, so I finally asked to have a session with her.

After only 2 hours, I was shaking with excitement. She was able to pull out my words, my passion and help me move towards the direction that felt meant for me. It was a way of truly tweaking what I do into a much more meaningful direction.
Juliet did all this through her questioning, her listening, her intuition.

She is amazing. If you want to get clarity .... definitely use her. She's skillful and of course has those important counseling skills that understand you as a human being. She takes all that into business branding. Wow!”
-- Ann Fry, MSW, Executive Coach, Workplace Change Consultant @The Regeneration Group.

From Workshop Participants

"You helped create energy and hope in a room that started with many disheartened people."

"Your tools are practical, yet the questions you asked inspired me to get out of my head and into a whole new way of thinking about myself and my career journey so far."

"Hearing the others' stories and brainstorming and supporting and sharing ideas was helpful, along with hearing the many stories that you brought. I  could hear many more stories. They provide models for creative and unusual solutions."

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